20’ x 60’ | 1,621 - 1,997 sq. ft
2-storey flexi homes

Three layouts to explore, and express. Your experience, expectation, flavour. What makes you happy. Renovate and personalise every detail, or choose fully-extended and total convenience. Breathe easy with large windows, porch, yard; open living, dining and kitchen – and live easy with the affordable prices.

Fluid and open living and dining area for uninterrupted flow of enjoyment.

Flexible space to use as your gym, greenhouse, den, or kitchen extension.

Chat up a storm or cook up a banquet, this is where delicious magic happens.

A timeless yet trendy facade, in harmony within guarded neighbourhood.

Nothing spells comfort and relaxation better than a spacious, airy bedroom.

Boost your wellbeing in 16 acres of open space, and a 2km jogging track within the neighbourhood.




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