It's not only about living. It's about living actively and healthily.

IJM Rimbayu is your private, precious world that respects the environment while allowing you to bond with nature through the many activities you can indulge in. Take a jog, work a sweat at the outdoor gym or simply bask in the idyllic ambience at the many pockets of greenery located at The ARC*. You can be sure that nature will play a big part in your journey of active living. Here, wholesome living takes on a new meaning.

It's not only a beautiful home. It's also a practical one.

The Penduline is a collection of Double-Storey Link Homes that are built with families of various sizes and kinds in mind. The well-designed floor plans ensure that every member of your family will have a comfortable, private space to call their own. The Penduline homes also feature high ceilings to encourage good ventilation within them, and large window panes to invite the lovely sights of the surrounding nature and ample daylight into the living spaces, so that nature and your family can truly live together as one, under one roof. Here, home is indeed where the heart is.

It's not only a clubhouse. It's also a curator IJM Rimbayu, is a state-of-the-art clubhouse that fuses form and function to perfection. Segregated into three separate zones - club facilities, active functions and events, and communal activities - this majestic venue, which will be completed in 2018, houses a wide spectrum of lifestyle amenities, including an Olympic-size swimming pool, a gymnasium, a cafeteria, badminton courts, a football field, jogging tracks, bazaar spaces and many more. Here, your body, mind and spirit will be enlivened.


Type Description
2-Storey Link Homes
Land Area
20' x 70'
1,771 sqft - 2,283 sqft
Total No. of Units
Parcel 7A1 & 7A2 - 246
Parcel 7B1 & 7B2 - 379
From RM1,043,800
Estimated Completion Date
March 2018 (Parcel 7A1 & 7A2)
Special Feature
  • North-south orientation.
  • Cosy, practical layout with dedicated entrances and exits to the development.
  • Total of 8.4 acres comprising a central park, pocket parks, a football field, a multipurpose court and a futsal court.
  • Large window panels for nature light and good ventilation.


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