Plenty of sunshine. Freedom to play. Space to grow.

Live where life begins. Where simple things and surroundings set the stage for your every day, and true, close bonds are discovered and formed with the neighbourhood and her people.

A borderless playground of endless possibilities.

An epitome of the good old days, each Periwinkle home comes with a garden to relive sweet memories of your childhood. Climb trees, discover new plants, invent new games, soak up the sun in a personal pool, or do nothing at all.

This way of life is not yet lost to the yesteryears, not yet gone with the past generations. This is the present of Bandar Rimbayu and a future that's durable.

Green, vibrant, sustainable.
Live where life begins.

The magic is in the little details: a natural hopscotch and maze garden, a kitchen garden to add aroma to your cooking, a mixture of rubber, coconut, saga trees and lalang walk to reminisce your youth and educate your children.

In activity or respite, a certain calm permeates this premier green township development. The serene lushness everywhere, the environment-conscious home designs, the careful maximisation of precious resources; all show a quiet respect to nature.


Type Description
2-Storey Semi-Detached Cluster Homes
Land Area
32' x 70'
2,117 sqft - 2,267 sqft
Total No. of Units
Units Available
Limited Units Only
From RM1,066,800
Special Feature
  • Solar panel water heating system at shower area in all bathrooms.
  • Rainwater harvesting system for outdoor usage.
  • Highspeed broadband infrastructure ready.


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